Tonight the sky is full of moons and the moons are full.  The sky had a brief period of clarity before it got all moody with moonlit clouds.  As the moon is not quite a full moon tonight (it was last night) I thought the werewolves might have had their fill and so I braved the cold air.  I dusted off an old web cam that had been given to me, as it was destined for the bin, and I had a look through the telescope at the bright ‘star’ Jupiter to the right of the moon.  And Jupiter’s moons were on full display as slaves spinning around their gravitational master:

The cloud band around the middle ish of jupiter was just visible after I stayed out and my eyes adjusted to the dark.  unfortunately the webcam could not pick this detail up and you will just have to trust me when I say it was beautiful.

The four moons visible are the Galilean moons in order of tonight’s appearance:


I should have turned the webcam round.  My pictures are upside down compared with what stellariums locations of the moons:

Ok, I’ll stop now.