Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

I remembered to bring home my camera tonight, just in time for the “super harvest moon”, nearly.  Tomorrow is the equinox and is seen as the start of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere and for the first time in 20 years the full moon falls on this day.  Although, many of us feel like it is already autumn and has been for a wee while.  We are forgiven for this as the irish season of autumn began about a month and a half ago and the equinox falls in the middle of this season with Halloween at the end marking the end of the year and the quiet curl up into winter.

The clouds that were bringing big lumps of rain all day slowly drifted away.

Leaving the moon and jupiter to give a light that you could nearly read by.

paint pots by mistersnappy

Two nights ago I put down the paint brush and was glad.  I hate painting and I hate the mess it makes.  The lovely Sharon is the painter amongst us, I am far happier making things then finding they don’t fit or work then trying to remake them, etc.   I had to pick up the brush as there was a pressing need, a race against time.  Every since we moved house there was a major decoration that needed done, a special room.  The clock ticks and the days grow shorter.  The lovely Sharon and I had a battle of wits to try to paint, she too knew the room’s importance and  would paint it when she was supposed to put her feet up. And so I tried to foil and scuttle her plans so that me and the walls and the paint and the mess had time to ourselves in the evenings.  But paint needs to dry and needs coat after coat.  And time keeps marching as the trees rust and give themselves to the wind.  Friends came and helped and halved the job, and dined and laughed.  Now it is done, the bookshelves are complete and the books can come in from the dampening garage.

If you thought I was talking about the baby room then worry not.  The visual system of a newborn infant takes some time to develop.  Their first view of the world is indistinct and only in shades of gray. 🙂