jupiter and the moon by yeimaya

I am slightly annoyed that I left my camera in school today.  I suspected the moon and Jupiter would be big and bold across the sky tonight and tried to remember to bring it home.  I forgot.  All is not lost as it was amazing to see and  they were indeed the feature of the sky tonight.  Is this a gathering moon?  Sources of the old moon names do not agree and I imagine local names differed a little when people knew such things and relied on the moon as a timepiece for jobs and the gathering of people.  It is certainly a moon that is gathering itself; gibbous, protuberant and fattening. And it is a time for the gathering of things as they are ripe on the hedges and trees.  The fruits are all being picked, preserved and even some pickled.  The apples still have their time though; they shall remain gibbous for some time to come.  Closer to Halloween (or Samhain) is the time for apples, under a different moon.  There is a drink for such a season that I have yet to try (but am planning to).  Lamb’s Wool; a mixture of warm ale and a spiced apple concoction.  Some say roasted crab apples that fizz when added to the ale.  Some say that no, it must be toast and thus the drink may be the  origin of a ‘toast’ to a health.  The drink’s name is said to come from “lá maois úll” a “day gathering apples”.  Maybe “day of gathering”, “lá maois” might be the origin to another special local day?  Is the Ould Lammas Fair a gathering of a different kind?

These things are all distractions.  The moon will keep turning and the hedgerows and trees will continue to be bountiful again and again and again.   It is the other things that are the exciting things at the moment, the things in-between.  These things have their own rhythm aswell.  These things cannot be rushed, so the moon helps tonight.  The moon and apple trees and the old words.  Maybe the Lamb’s Wool might help as well?