Tomorrow I shall attempt to outsmart and catch Tillie.  We believe Tillie to be the smarter of the two cats and she is smart enough to be very wary over the past few days.  She has a right to be wary as a few days ago I captured them both and took them to the V…E…T for their booster shots.  From several years of repetitive reinforcement she now associates her booster shots with a spell in prison the cattery a short while later.  So, after the booster shots she now avoids me, avoids being in the house when I am in it and looks at me through the windows with an “I’m watching you” look.

Tallie (the other cat) behaved a little differently.  She is not as smart as her sister and we believe that small birds may be nesting in the cavity in her head.  After the stressful capture and injection she jumped on my knee and curled up into a fuzzy purring ball.  She is blissfully oblivious to the pending upheaval of their lives, she will be an easy capture tomorrow.