If friends come round for a chat and a cup of tea they will have to wait patiently for their turn with the cups.  We are down to only four cups as the rest are boxed away in the walls of cardboard that have slowly closed in on us in the last few weeks.  There are days to go now until we leave our lovely home.  The home we both stood in on a cold winter day when the walls were only a foot high and topped with a coat of snow, the home we both moved into when we got married, the home we sat in for years on concrete floors and grey plaster walls as we slowly decorated it at a near glacial pace.  It has the garden we both made and grew our treats of cherry tomatoes, peas, blueberries and the beetroot that went into beetroot and chocolate brownies (really, they actually were quite nice).

moving house  – Viktor Vasnetsov

So, with only a few days to go it seems the house we intend to move to has hit a few snags.  Everybody seems to be working to get these ironed out and all parties are hopeful but nothing is set in stone, we may have nowhere to move to.  This little story got passed around our circle of friends and we have been overwhelmed with the generosity people have shown.  Two people have offered to open up their own home to accept us warmly in.  Three people have offered us houses that are between current tenants. This has humbled us, it is amazing how people are so kind.  We have not yet contemplated these options as our hearts are filled with hope that it will work itself out somehow.

So we are nearly whittled down to the essential items.  Besides the four cups we have a couple of plates, some clothes to be scooped up at the last moment and of course: