August 2010

Tomorrow I shall attempt to outsmart and catch Tillie.  We believe Tillie to be the smarter of the two cats and she is smart enough to be very wary over the past few days.  She has a right to be wary as a few days ago I captured them both and took them to the V…E…T for their booster shots.  From several years of repetitive reinforcement she now associates her booster shots with a spell in prison the cattery a short while later.  So, after the booster shots she now avoids me, avoids being in the house when I am in it and looks at me through the windows with an “I’m watching you” look.

Tallie (the other cat) behaved a little differently.  She is not as smart as her sister and we believe that small birds may be nesting in the cavity in her head.  After the stressful capture and injection she jumped on my knee and curled up into a fuzzy purring ball.  She is blissfully oblivious to the pending upheaval of their lives, she will be an easy capture tomorrow.

The moon has fattened up and is full in the cool night air.  It’s outside now and the sky is clear here apart from the odd moody cloud drifting past.  Stand underneath it for a while, it’s a bit like TV without the information and the noise and the tedium and the nonsense.

the harvest moon byjoiseyshowaa

I rented the box set of the shield series 2 from extravision. I opened the box that said disc 1 of 4 and watched the first episode. I must admit I was a little lost on some of the plot points and backstory. Also, the ening seemed pretty dramatic for the first episode. I thought maybe the second episode might fill in the gaps but there was no second episode. The disk only had one episode, then it dawned on me….noooooooooooooo..what have I done!

If friends come round for a chat and a cup of tea they will have to wait patiently for their turn with the cups.  We are down to only four cups as the rest are boxed away in the walls of cardboard that have slowly closed in on us in the last few weeks.  There are days to go now until we leave our lovely home.  The home we both stood in on a cold winter day when the walls were only a foot high and topped with a coat of snow, the home we both moved into when we got married, the home we sat in for years on concrete floors and grey plaster walls as we slowly decorated it at a near glacial pace.  It has the garden we both made and grew our treats of cherry tomatoes, peas, blueberries and the beetroot that went into beetroot and chocolate brownies (really, they actually were quite nice).

moving house  – Viktor Vasnetsov

So, with only a few days to go it seems the house we intend to move to has hit a few snags.  Everybody seems to be working to get these ironed out and all parties are hopeful but nothing is set in stone, we may have nowhere to move to.  This little story got passed around our circle of friends and we have been overwhelmed with the generosity people have shown.  Two people have offered to open up their own home to accept us warmly in.  Three people have offered us houses that are between current tenants. This has humbled us, it is amazing how people are so kind.  We have not yet contemplated these options as our hearts are filled with hope that it will work itself out somehow.

So we are nearly whittled down to the essential items.  Besides the four cups we have a couple of plates, some clothes to be scooped up at the last moment and of course:

The lovely Sharon just passed a birthday.  It was not a major milestone but it was another opportunity for me to point out how she is, in fact, older than me.  However, this is no excuse for her recent purchase; a trolley!

Apparently it was not a decision taken lightly and plenty of denial had to be dealt with before she finally got it.  She insists that it is not due to age but practicality.  When a normally 8 stone frame gets a 2 stone addition of a growing soul and its life support system then a trolley becomes necessary to carry the weight of the fruit and vegetables around the streets of Belfast.  Although I constantly point out that she has the  burden of more years time over me, it seems she may have the advantage of wisdom.

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