The lovely Sharon and I have a strange paranoid habit.  Maybe its paranoia or just good sense, but we both have chains and padlocks on our car steering wheels.  This is both practical and historical as both our parents do the same thing.  When we lock our cars we often wrap the chain around the wheel and padlock it.  Some of you who know me will instantly wonder who would want to steel my wee banger practical little car.  You never know.

Now it seems that the lovely Sharon believes I have gone too far and have taken it to a geeky extreme.  When she borrows my car she complains that I have two padlock keys and she, very frustratingly, keeps trying the wrong one first.  I shall ignore the fact that she probably gets the right key half the time and more than likely remembers the times she gets it wrong more often than not.  Anyway, she wanted an explanation, although her tone of voice when she asked did not ring with much interest in a logical answer.  Here it is anyway;  I get frustrated when I can’t find the padlock.  Sometimes it slips under the seat or is buried under junk or disappears under a mat.  So, now I have two padlocks!  This doubles the probability of finding the padlock when I need it.  Simple.