I think technology is brilliant.  I think text messages are great, especially when used by useful services.  For example, I have been getting friendly reminders for regular dental appointments via text messages for a few years now.  I find this very useful as I easily forget the exact time if I don’t write it down.  This service is probably automatic.  The computer looks up the dates, patient details and reason (like; CHECK UP or FOLLOW UP or FILLING or CLEANING), then it sends out the messages automatically.  The only problem is the lack of the human factor.  I mean, are the messages checked before they are sent?  I have recently cracked a molar in two and a couple of days ago I got a quite disturbing message texted to me first thing in the morning:

From DENTIST.  You have an appointment with Dr ——- —— for PAIN at 8:30 on ———-

Not encouraging.