July 2010

The lovely Sharon and I have a strange paranoid habit.  Maybe its paranoia or just good sense, but we both have chains and padlocks on our car steering wheels.  This is both practical and historical as both our parents do the same thing.  When we lock our cars we often wrap the chain around the wheel and padlock it.  Some of you who know me will instantly wonder who would want to steel my wee banger practical little car.  You never know.

Now it seems that the lovely Sharon believes I have gone too far and have taken it to a geeky extreme.  When she borrows my car she complains that I have two padlock keys and she, very frustratingly, keeps trying the wrong one first.  I shall ignore the fact that she probably gets the right key half the time and more than likely remembers the times she gets it wrong more often than not.  Anyway, she wanted an explanation, although her tone of voice when she asked did not ring with much interest in a logical answer.  Here it is anyway;  I get frustrated when I can’t find the padlock.  Sometimes it slips under the seat or is buried under junk or disappears under a mat.  So, now I have two padlocks!  This doubles the probability of finding the padlock when I need it.  Simple.


I think technology is brilliant.  I think text messages are great, especially when used by useful services.  For example, I have been getting friendly reminders for regular dental appointments via text messages for a few years now.  I find this very useful as I easily forget the exact time if I don’t write it down.  This service is probably automatic.  The computer looks up the dates, patient details and reason (like; CHECK UP or FOLLOW UP or FILLING or CLEANING), then it sends out the messages automatically.  The only problem is the lack of the human factor.  I mean, are the messages checked before they are sent?  I have recently cracked a molar in two and a couple of days ago I got a quite disturbing message texted to me first thing in the morning:

From DENTIST.  You have an appointment with Dr ——- —— for PAIN at 8:30 on ———-

Not encouraging.

cat vs humans

To wrestle with things in the raw is the craving of every healthy human being.  The height of happiness to a child is to scramble up a tree, to plowter through mud, to find shelter in a rock.  The more scratched and torn and filthy he gets in the process, the wilder his grin of delight when he staggers home.  Deprived of this natural outlet, a city boy will find satisfaction in breaking windows, in slashing cinema seats or other boy’s noses. If the immediate matter of making his living were one where a man could use the whole of himself-his strengths, his wits and his imagination, the problem of how to fill his leisure would not arise, and he would be too preoccupied to spend more than the odd day thinking up ways to exterminate his fellows.  His culture would not be imported in canisters from the other side of the world; he would make it himself, from a brain and a heart kept bright and taut with satisfactory living.  It may be fascinating to have a picture of life among peasants of Andalusia flashed to one’s fireside, but how much more fascinating it would be to feel a song of one’s own dancing on one’s own lips out of the joy of one’s own doings.

Katherine Stewart – A Croft in the Hills

Talli surveys her dominion and thinks of jobs for her staff

This morning the lovely Sharon pulled all the garlic cloves out of the ground as they looked like they were dying back.  I strung them up to dry in the kitchen just like I do every year.  Later that day we returned to our house and noticed that this year’s garlic is different.  The entire house STINKS.  They are now hanging in the greenhouse to prevent vampires stealing our tomatoes and peppers.

A few people told me that I would have little time to read when september comes, for various reasons.  So, I decided to  go for a reading blast and see if I can get through this little pile that has appeared over the last month (no seriously, I know that is insane).  A little fiction creeped in, can you see it?

Why did no one tell me about these guys Why, when all the students told me about these guys, did I refuse to listen?  I just thought they were some new fangled thing that all the hip kids were listening to.  Now I discover they are indeed the thing to listen to.  Folk is back, hurrah!

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