It’s a film that is ten years old.  It was a complete failure at the box office and it was expensive to make, but I love it and for some strange reason it is one of my favorites.

I dug it out, dusted it off, and watched it again tonight.  It is science fiction and therefore quite unbelievable in the details but I guess one of the reasons I like it is because it is probably one of the least unbelievable of many scifi films.

It’s not a horror film and there are no big scary aliens.  However, there are scary aliens?  I think it is worth the watch but be prepared to be a little disappointed if you are used to very fast action big bang scifi or the thrill and suspense of the likes of pandorum (another favourite of mine).  Don’t get me wrong, it does have its action moments which are well paced and timed throughout the film.  It mixes this with a little philosophy and a bit of environmental self reflection.  Nothing too cerebral but enough to make it a good film.


Know the stars at all?



Andromeda, Cassiopeia, Cetus, Lepus, Canis Minor. We’re looking at what you’d see south around midnight, mid-May if we were on Earth. At about 42 degrees.

(He’s not showing off. He just really does know. Chantilas looks at him, surprised.)


My grandfather taught me to sail when I was a kid.


He made me learn the stars in case all the G.P.S. satellites fell out of the sky at once. He said anyone who put his life in the hands of anything run by batteries was a jackass.


He sounds like quite a guy.


He didn’t like what he called the easy answer or the quick fix. He didn’t want to own anything he couldn’t repair himself.

(thinking back)

And, oh yeah, everything automatic sooner or later fails automatically, usually during or immediately before a crisis. He had a lotta damn sayings.


He wouldn’t’ve approved of this.


Going to Mars?


No. That we killed off half the living things on Earth. That after we all but destroyed one planet with global warming, we’re trying to bring another to life the same way. Kinda tricky, don’t you think? He woulda said we were asking for trouble.


It looks like we got trouble. That’s why they sent us.