I saw an amazing photo last week; the ISS and space shuttle transit the sun.  It is strange to imagine that it, and its occupants, are whirling around the earth.  I cannot imagine what it must be like to live on a space station.  How do they sleep?  I would not sleep easily knowing I was in space.

Then this week another ISS picture appeared.  This time it was transiting the planet jupiter.

It’s also amazing that these images can be captured.  It must require great skill.

Another interesting thing to ponder is the fact that we have been to the moon.  That same moon that hangs low and late in the sky these evenings.

May Moon over Collin, Co Antrim by Gilbert Lennox

You could say that it was all conspiracy and we never went to the moon.  You could say that the american public were fooled with the rest of the world.  You could also get yourself a powerful laser and point it at the moon.  Point it at a particular exact spot and then get some fancy equipment to measure the reflected light.  If you do this then you will prove to yourself that we have been to moon.  We left a reflector there sitting alone in the cold watching us occasionally point lasers at it.