An interesting day today.  The radio woke up and spoke calmly of a volcano and all northern european flights cancelled.  More news later revealed the extent of the travel chaos it was causing, but I must admit I thought there would be more cries of protest from the unreasonable minority of the general public.  I did not hear much protesting, maybe people are more accepting of the natural world flexing its muscles and authority.  Maybe the cold winter and flooding are all contributing to our acceptance.  Although one teacher did come to school in a fluster.  She began the day in a highly stressed state as she stole some frantic moments on the phone before school began.  It seems that she was organising a massive party and it relied upon people making flights from England.  She did not appreciate the amazing geology of Iceland.

In class we shared stories of not believing the rumours this morning, not believing little sisters and brothers until assembly when the principal told them.  Later we all learnt together about British Airways Flight 9 and we all agreed that flying with the risk of ash is a bad idea.

The European Space Agency has a nice image taken today.

It also has some nice animations from a computer model that shows the current situation and predictions; click on the images to se the animation.


Today I started back into exercise.  The end of last term was far too hectic to think of such things and the holidays were…. holidays.  But now I have no excuse so I ran to a local standing stone and enjoyed the amazing view.  It was not a massive distance but it was worth it as it was the first time I have visited the stone, I just wish I had brought my compass!

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