The lovely Sharon and I took ourselves off on a wee trip.  Not too far, just far enough to visit some new and interesting places and relax for a few days doing very little.  We took ourselves off to Donegal to the land of peat scented air and for-sale signs.  We sat quietly in the corners of coffee shops and pubs and read our books.  We took long walks in the evening along country roads and lake side paths.

On returning we took a trip to Bangor.  Bangor is a place I usually do not enjoy, to me every day in Bangor feels like a Sunday.  I have nothing against Sundays, it’s just that it seems to be hard to tell what time of day it is by the feel of it and I have the feeling of impending doom that tomorrow is Monday.  However, on the particular day of our visit we got to pick up my birthday present – a fancy astronomical telescope.  I can’t wait to set it up but I have to wait until my actual birthday as the lovely Sharon is obsessively militant about such things.  Sigh.

I also got to browse through Northern Ireland’s most amazing book shop and found a gem that I have been looking for a long while: Legendary Stories of Carlingford Lough (published in 1913). Watch this space for some of the amazing legends.