Sunday, April 4th, 2010

At last, after hunting the internerd I found the celtic names of the moons here.  Enjoy them.  Remember them.  They were once our watches.  Our calendars.  Reminders and counters of when we would all meet friends and family.  Reminders of when food would be plenty and when nights would be long, cold and hungry.


January:            Quite Moon

February:          Moon of Ice

March:             Moon of Winds

April:                Growing Moon

May:                Bright Moon

June:                 Moon of Horses

July:                  Moon of Claiming

August:             Dispute Moon

September:       Singing Moon

October:           Harvest Moon

November:       Dark Moon

December:        Cold Moon

Paul Swail wrote up a nice little report (clickhere) on the mountaineering weekend last month.   He was the organiser of the weekend and he did a great job.  I still don’t understand how he got the weather to be so good.  Maybe he knows someone in the met office?