The cheesecake and tarts seemed to be appreciated by our guests today, as did a filling main meal made by the lovely Sharon.  It was a beautiful day and as it got dark it continued to a beautiful evening.  So nice that we sat outside for a while and stared up at the moon and stars. The air was cool and still enough to hear some geese/ducks nearby being disturbed and flying about the field.  Then it began to get colder and I began to notice it in my toes.  The lovely Sharon sat in her down jacket seemingly not bothered.  Although maybe it was the jacket that was upsetting the local wildlife?  Just as my feet were protesting too much and I regretted not wearing shoes and socks, the atmosphere shifted around the moon to reveal a huge moon halo.  I forgot about my feet and stared.

A moon halo is a mesmerising site.  Long ago, when we listened to each others stories, a moon halo was thought to foretell of bad weather, of rain.  In Ireland I imagine most things can foretell rain but this one might make sense.  The halo is seen as the moonlight refracts through high altitude crystals.  I am told such conditions are a thing of approaching fronts.  I will bring an umbrella out tomorrow, and shoes.