Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Stumbled on this in the irish climbing boards.

It must have hurt.  He should have been in a harness and on belay 🙂

This is typical behaviour of a certain person I know.  Would ‘sister’ agree?

We are being bold.  We are holding our science week a week early. Don’t tell all the nerds.

Today we had a guest lecture in chemistry.  A few of us in the chemistry department have a favourite lecturer from our university days.  I remember leaving his lecture curious at how all the stuff had just been inserted into my head.  He had a way of explaining things and a sense of humour that somehow made it all stick.  I can’t imagine Quantum Theory being any more funny than he made it.  So we twisted his arm and got Amilra Prasanna de Silva (” A P “) to come in and talk to our students about his latest work.

As the assembly hall filled I could  sense the physicists being skeptical; how could chemistry be made interesting? , but A P did it.  I was reminded of how captivating he is as a teacher.  His talk was on the sensing of small amounts different chemicals and the use of light to send information back to us.  This was not science fiction, it was cutting edge science being used right now by doctors and paramedics.  I can’t really tell you how he did it, but there is a pile of info and understanding on fluorochemicals and chemical switches floating around my head.  And we all laughed, a lot.