Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

I am loving this book.

At the water’s edge by John Lister Kaye.  It’s a bit like The Wild Places but more basic, with a lighter rhythm and more jolly.  If it was a dessert it would be crème brulée.  Nom nom nom.

Not a normal day today.  Instead of teaching science I got to head for the hills and teach some micro navigation instead.  It all began well, as a huge heron flew over our heads on the path to the bus.  No doubt it was on its way from a morning hunting for frogs at the school’s pond.

A while later we arrived at the mountains and spilled out into the forest.  The Mournes had their winter coat of snow on them.  For myself and a couple of other teachers this was a siren call that we had to ignore.  It was simply too cold and icy for us to venture into the deep mountains.  Instead, we scurried around the edges finding path junctions and obscure tiny streams that lay hidden in the trees.  For the pupils the forest seemed captivating.  Often they would gasp and gape at the views of mountain and sea that they stumbled upon between the trees.

a slipe

A little after offloading a bus load of tired and weary pupils I headed into the city for a strong coffee.  The busyness and the smells were a contrast to the pine and clean air of a few hours ago.  I was surprised that I did not find it oppressive, instead I let it tempt and catch me; I bought a new jacket.  It is a mountain jacket though, and it’s green.  Green is the new black.  A green Rab latok alpine to replace my old Rab latok alpine which is…..eh, black!

Did you ever play that childish game where you chase someone around a car.  It’s not fun anymore:

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