Monday, March 1st, 2010

We had to laugh when at the baby animals.  We had been wandering around the museum, which is worth a visit, when the lovely Sharon said something she regretted.

We were drifting slowly through the stuffed animals area and had noticed that some of the animals such as the hares, wild boar and the foxes had cute little baby versions beside them.  Then we stopped to take in the musk ox when she let the words spill out: “are those baby musk ox?”

It was one of those moments when the words are out so fast and your brain screams NOOOO half way through but you can’t stop it.  So we laughed for quite some time at the lemmings baby musk ox.

*at this point you might think me unfair for making fun of the lovely Sharon.  I assure you, it is only fair.  The cruel lovely Sharon often laughs out loud at my inability to pronounce words or read out loud too quickly to say the right words.  It does not even matter if we are discussing very serious issues, she will still laugh at me and make me feel two feet tall.

that monday feeling

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