A colleague wanted a lift to work this morning.  I stipulated one condition; that he got up at the crack of dawn to go to the market.  As the lovely Sharon chatted to the stall holders and got the vegetables and fish, I and my passenger wandered around and drank coffee in the atmosphere (apparently I can’t be trusted to buy the right vegetables, or fish).  For the privilege of this ridiculously early experience my passenger bought me breakfast, thanks J.  As we waited for breakfast to be fried up the lady asked if the lovely Sharon wanted a wee cup of tea.  Then she mentioned that I was not there last week and she missed me as she had special Valentine’s cakes for me to buy the lovely Sharon.  J. looked at me strangely and curiously inquired, “does everybody know you two here?”  It must have been all a bit surreal to him, I don’t think he had quite woken up yet.


Computer Alpha died tonight.  It was an old machine that faithfully fed our laptops media and shared space for many a year.  Did it tire?  Did its hard drive crunch too much?  No, it was a case of death by cellotape holder.  I knocked it off the desk and it clipped the USB wifi thingy.  The impact ripped out the socket and shorted the motherboard un-dramatically.  The death was not fitting of such an old and faithful machine, but it is not in vain.  It lives on in the guise of several donated organs to the phoenix that is Computer Beta: a work in progress at the moment.