Given the choice between trying to watch survivors through a terribly slow connection (and intermittent microwave use) and standing under the stars on this relitivly clear night…..  I chose both really to take some star pictures.

Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky (not the pole star which most people think is the brightest) and it can be seen in the center of this picture.  You can also see the high tech greenhouse with its solar panel on the fence to the right.

Using binoculars with the camera enabled me to take pictures of Orion that show the colours of the stars.  Betelgeuse is the super red giant star that is the left shoulder of Orion.  Another nicely coloured star is the orange red giant Aldebaran.  Aldebaran is the left eye of Taurus, the V shape that can be seen on the far upper right of the picture.

Again, sirius is in the picture.  This time Sirius (the dog star) is on the very bottom left of the picture.

The crop below shows the colours in Orion a little better:

Using a cheap digital camera in this way is a revelation to me.  I have seen pictures of these of these stars before and I have obviously caught some of the colours with my own eyes, but taking these myself and seeing the colours in them was amazing.