Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

In form period today the conversation drifted towards the nature of space.  I can’t recall how it happened but next thing we knew we were discussing how there was no ‘before’ the big bang as time was created in the event itself.  Then I tried to explain how it is possible that the universe could be both finite and edgeless, this only created more questions.  To the pupil who was filled with the most questions I simply handed over one of my favourite books and hoped that he would enjoy.

When we got to the point of trying to visualise the folded up dimensions beyond the four we are familiar with, we all agreed to stop for fear of hurting our brains.

In the very last lesson of the day we measured the speed of light with some cheese.  I usually use marshmallows but asda was all sold out so I had to stop at a petrol station on the way to work and buy the cheapest cheese I could find.  I felt no guilt wasting it as it was dairylee and does not fall within my own definition of cheese (has to be yellow and blue and smell like feet, nom nom nom).  It turns out using cheese is nowhere near as much fun as using marshmallows.  Does not smell as nice either!

Click here to see what I am messing about with.  Such a child, I know.

Note to self:  Got to stop being negative, must be positive.  There is a difference between sceptic and cynic.  Can’t turn into cynical teacher, …….too early!………. not………yet………