Nearly finished reading “the other side of eden” by Hugh Brody.  It has provoked a lot of pondering in my little head and made me see some things in a fresh light. That said, I can’t wait to finish it so I can read some random books that I just discovered…..

I don’t think anyone really seems to share my strange taste in literature.

No, mountains this weekend.  Instead we headed into town to do some hunting/gathering of our own.  Two new dresses for the lovely Sharon and a coat and shoes for me.  And a new vacuum cleaner, a Dyson.  I have always wanted a Dyson, the lovely Sharon does not understand this.  She does not seem to appreciate the engineering of it as I do.  I think it freaks her out a little (not the engineering itself, but my fascination with it).

I am just back from the swimming pool for some guilt swimming.  Let me explain: After a lazy weekend I had grand ideas of arriving for work an hour early and going for a morning run. At six a.m.  this morning I had 2 seconds of deep consideration and changed my mind.  One of these mornings I will have the discipline to do it.