The topic of the aquatic ape theory came up in lessons the other day and I was reminded of reading Elaine Morgan’s books when I was at University.  I remember discovering the Aquatic Ape Theory and wondering how I got through life so far with nobody telling me this amazing revelation.  The reason is probably due to the fact that at the time (and still today to some degree) the hypothesis was treated as so outside the paradigm that it was lunacy.

The main, and most powerful, points to ponder over are;

-our nakedness, where all other naked mammals (apart from one) live, or at some time has lived, an aquatic or semi aquatic lifestyle.

-our fatness, the fact that our body fat has a lot in common with diving mammals.  This is not the case for all other primates.

-our descended larynx, a semi-aquatic adaption that may have been the pre-cursor to language.

There are lots of other examples of strange little things which are hard to explain without a semi-aquatic time in our past that shaped some aspect of our evolutionary path.

Elaine Morgan explains it better: