It seems that OSNI are finally trying to catch up with the rest of Ordinance Survey and Ordinance Survey Ireland.  They have made their digital mapping software available to companies like Mapyx who have now provide it for use with their free software.  The maps themselves (1:50000 at the moment) are available for a very reasonable price at £ 38.99 + VAT for the whole of Northern Ireland and £ 7.69 + VAT for the digital terrain database (for height calculations and 3D viewing).

the Pot of Legawherry route

I must say that I am quite impressed with the maps and the software itself  (Quo).  As with all software that is new and different, it takes a bit of playing to get used to how it works and there are a few things I still have not figured out yet.  As usual; I refuse to read the instructions unless it is absolutely necessary.

One criticism I do have is the 3D viewing does not seem to work with some computers (video card issue) including my laptop, and so it may be worth asking them about your own computer and its compatibility if the 3D viewing is important to you.