Somewhere in the middle-ish of January I managed to shoe-horn in a day walk before the big thaw began.  The snow was very deep and an interesting thing to walk on.  In the snow you can see the fascinating activity of wildlife that you would never usually see.  Throughout the walk we constantly crossed fox tracks all over the mountains.  The fox(es) seemed to go everywhere!  And Hare tracks, and Hare tracks being chased by Fox tracks.

fox tracks

hare tracks

Eventually we found ourselves in the Pot of Legawherry, a north facing Corrie that belongs to Slieve Commedagh.  Sitting in the Pot we saw more tracks; humans that had disappeared to winter climb the gullies.  Once we had warmed ourselves a little with flasks of strong coffee we began the steep climb up and out of the Pot.  One ice axe was enough for the walk in but two were needed for the climb up.  I was glad that I got a chance on the way in to practice my self arrest on some fun gentle slopes.

on the way to the Pot of Legawherry

Once clear of the steep ground we found ourselves on the gentle slope that leads to the Wall and eventually the summit.  It was entertaining to be able to simply step over the 5ft Mourne Wall in the hard drifted snow.

winter sun and the wall on Slieve Commedagh

the sun sets behind us on the descent