This book is a beautiful collection of pieces by various writers about wild places around Britain and Ireland.  The writing is fresh and very thought-provoking.  Much of it was a delight to read.  Even the parts that were not as enjoyable, such as Sewing a Seam on the Spirit Line by Lisa Samson (a walk along the corpse way), were still beautiful and thought-provoking.  Lisa’s journey began as haunting and then turned to the deaths that are real in our lives and how we remember them.

It was nice to see a few good entries from here.  One was on the wildness of the Atlantic in Donegal and the other was from a local poet; The Road North by Judith Thurley.  I especially liked her reminiscing on the Mourne Mountains and how the unexpected wildness can be a welcome distraction in our lives.

This book and its little stories are still echoing in me now and will be for some time.