I usually refrain from mentioning the overwhelming cuteness of animals.  However, I have caved in to the needy Tallie.  Tallie is the cat who really is soft.  She is the neediest of our two little feline beasts and is probably the one who is not the brightest.  However, there are a few wee marbles rolling around in her sweety mice brain as we discovered this morning.  In the mornings the cats have their breakfast and then it is back into the wild countryside to chase mice and play in the infinite litter tray that is the outdoors.  Tallie does not like this.  Tallie does not like the cold, so she resists.  Sometimes she resists in obvious ways by resisting!  Sometimes she resists in subtle ways.  For example, we will not disturb her as she eats because we believe she does not eat enough.  Her little brain has figured this out and we find that she eats very slowly in the mornings.  The cold icy weather has taken this to a new level as the lovely Sharon observed when Tallie seemed to be sitting with her head in the food bowl but stationary, not eating at all.  Bless.