Are we due for a cold winter?  Are we overdue a cold winter?  Global warming?  or Global cooling?

A while ago I read Five Minutes to Midnight? – Ireland and climate change by Dr Kieran Hickey.  I remember one of the conclusions was that global warming is fact, however the warming we should be seeing in the past couple of years could be masked by part of a small cooling effect due to the sunspot cycle.  the sunspot cycle has always fascinated me, the fact that the sun has spots (storms?) that ebb and flow like a stormy tide.

The sunspot cycle has had an effect in the past, such as the Maunder Minimum and the little ice age.

What is also interesting is the current lack of sunspots at the moment.  We are in a low and are supposedly heading out of it but are still to actually rise out of the trough.

So are we heading into an arctic ireland(another good read)?

This is an interesting observation but then again, I have no experience or expertise in this field, I just find it interesting.  The way I see it, climate has to be observed over a long period of time and the current weather is probably a simple matter of our air not coming in off the warming atlantic at the moment.

Although I imagine that if the cold weather continues then it will not be long until the media start writing about no sunspots and the start of another little ice age.  ***sigh***