Belfast under the Winter Sun

The last two days involved lots of walking for the lovely Sharon and I.  Yesterday was a wee dander up to the top of the cave hill.  It is somewhere I had never been before and involved some interesting paths.  They were made interesting by the hard compacted ice and the fun involved in walking on them.

Belfast Lough

Today’s walk was a little longer.  It began just outside Ballycastle and took us to the top of Fair Head and beyond.  Then down to the sea and a coastal walk back.

The air was frigid and the wind numbing.  At one point I had that dentist visit  feeling and had to warm my face a little before speaking in order to make sense.  Scotland and the Paps of Jura were clear and very wintery with a bright white coating.

The walk was quite a long one and was enjoyed with friends including the outdoor fox.  The humour for the day was supplied by Jasmine a Prince Charles Spaniel who has been spending several weeks with the outdoor fox on an unofficial ‘fat camp’.  She was an overweight little dog who seems to have lost a lot of extra pounds after sampling a slice of the outdoor fox’s active lifestyle.  Although she seemed to be feeling her new found health and was throwing herself into things, she failed to throw herself off things and often suffered from a whiney panic while perched on ledges and steep ground.  All this while Meg dog ( the outdoor fox’s dog) seemed to be always in front and dragging us all forward while constantly sniffing for rabbits.


It is interesting to note that the lovely Sharon and I had a conversation we often have when out walking.  The fact that given the choice she prefers the view out to sea and the wild waves and I prefer the view to the land, the hills, and valleys.  My eye was constantly being drawn to the lake near fair head with it’s crannog sitting in the middle.  With the  snowy fields around and the sheets of ice floating on the lake, my imagination was tugged into an older time.  A time thousands of years ago when a family lived on that crannog, possibly the only people for an area around fair head.  This was and still is a wild place that has very faint, but very real, echoes in all of us.