The weekend is sometimes a chance to wander through the shops, to window shop and tut at the Christmas lights and merchandise which has appeared desperately early.  When I wander around the shops I am drawn to certain magnetic beacons; the book shops.  So inevitably I pick up random things and I peruse all the interesting sections on the lookout for something new.  On one of these hunting exercises I spotted a new book by Banjo Bannon.

banjo bannon

Over coffee and a panini I began to get drawn in to the life of this local hero.  It’s a captivating read.  But today the lovely Sharon spotted it and got very cross.  Something to do with santa and returning something to amazon, she was vague but obviously cross.  I thought santa lived at the north pole?  Anyway, apparently I am not allowed to buy anything anymore and I am, quote; ‘impossible’ whatever that means.