October 2009

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fight fight fight

Ok, so this is what happened.

In the local area we are having a real problem with the local ninja school.  It seems that they recently had a change in management which has resulted in some discontent amongst the ninjas.  I am not sure of the exact details but essentially they seem to have lost their focus.  Inevitably this leads to horse play, as a result of bordem I suppose.  So I found myself walking home from the shop and sensing hiding ninjas.  I had went to the shop to get some milk and chocolate.  I am not supposed to get chocolate as the lovely Sharon deems it unhealthy.  Anyway, the ninjas like chocolate too and they watched me go in and followed me up the street.  Even as they were as quiet as they could be I could still hear the faint swoosh of slipper on tree trunk.  I don’t recal the exact moment they attacked but I do remember deflecting at least three stars before we physically engaged. Ninja 1 was swiftly dealt with (amateur).  Ninjas 2 and 3 worked together which slowed me down substantially, I nearly dropped the milk.  Ninja 4 was my nemesis.  He stood a short distance away as the leaves drifted between us like some surreal western.  We ran towards each other, we engaged, we were a blur.  I let my senses and body take over, I let myself become a flowing river of reflexes.  After the dust settled the ninja was lying limp beside me and my toe began to throb, then scream. I slipped on the stairs.  My foot kicked the spindles on the banister.  Two toes went one way, the little one and the 2nd little one, and the rest of the foot (and the rest of me) went the other way.  This made it all go a funny colour and the impact forced the nail of the little toe to tear a gash out of the flesh of the 2nd little toe.  Nice!

Random pondering…..

We have two cats and inevitably they want attention.  They want to sit on our knees and want to be calming distractions in our lives.  They are two very different creatures, but they are both very needy.   One of them sits on my knee I usually smell its fur.  It smells of the outdoors,  a mild earthy smell that reminds me of cool autumn nights and a dark winter sky with menacing clouds.  The other one smells mildly of poo.

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