Dark clouds are hovering; clouds that might empty cold rain but might drift on harmlessly by.  I have been reading, worrying and reading and worrying, preparing for an upcoming trip.  I will be assessed on my skills, my knowledge and my confidence.  I will have to suppress bundles of knotted nerves and endure a 5 day test.

The October sky has been an allegory to the looming event.   Part of me has already accepted the outcome no matter what it is.  The purpose of it all is to experience it, to learn and enjoy.  The sky lifted tonight.  I am not certain if my mood lifted because of the sky or that my interpretation of it lifted because of my mood.  I walked outside at just the right time to see the October moon show a  brilliant slice of crescent though a thin thread of parting clouds.  It was slipping below the horizon and telling me that I will see it again soon, bigger, brighter, and over strange and distant mountains.