Just tried to retune the digibox,  EPIC FAIL.  The box does 5% of the retune then halts.  It looks like the box is just too old.  We will have to get a new one, thanks channel 5!

I was out of school for a few periods this morning.  When I got back into my classroom it had been completely transformed.  My normally chaotic mess was tidy.  My desk was especially affected being now neat and tidy.  The students tell me that an English teacher was covering one of my lessons and exclaimed, “how can someone live like this?”  They told me that they tried to stop her but she was on a mission.  They told her that I would be very cross.  I am not, I could never find anything anyway!

I had a meeting after school today.  Before I left for school I told the lovely Sharon this and she said she had a meeting after school as well.

The lovely Sharon: “I have a Year Head meeting with the Principal and Senior Management.  What’s your meeting about?”

Me: “Lego”

1 : nil, but to whom?  Me I think! 🙂