It was not the phone call I expected, but then it was something no-one could expect.  I was just munching my muesli and savouring my coffee when the lovely sharon rang.  She was emotional; through sobs and sniffles I caught a few words,…….”killed”…..”squirrel”………  Forgive me if I had an image of the lovely sharon going berserk (Norse berserk) on a poor fluffy rodent that might have stolen one of her cashews.  It turns out it was an accident and not rage that ended its poor life.  It was just frolicking along the countryside when it stepped out onto the road at the wrong time.  After she hit it, after the fluff had settled, she turned the car and returned to the scene.  She gave it some dignity by returning it to the countryside so that it might remain un-crushed by further cars.  As she lifted it by the tail she reflected on how cute it was and how mortality can be knocked out so easily in an instant.  And the worse thing, the thing that I think haunts her the most; she says she is not sure, but she think she might have seen it turn and look at the car in that last split second.