I stumbled upon this cartoon via the badscience twitter.

020709It’s from this artist (large version here).

I must admit I have always been a big fan of newscientist.  I subscribed religiously for years and was even sometimes sad when it was a day or two late.  But things began to change.  Looking back it is easy to see the signs; first I started to come home and say “oh did it arrive today?”.  Inside me the little geek voice was screaming “You know its Thursday!  IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THURSDAY”.  The next sign was when I had not finished reading last week’s copy when the new one arrived.  Then it came to the sad stage when I simply went “meh”.  The little voice cried.

Part of it was the writing.  It slowly started to slip towards the realms of focus for a while, which is ok.  But then it recently seems to have become a little too far flung and speculative.  There has always been way off creative thinking written about in the pages of newscientist.  however, the balance seems a little off in favour of the strange.

Now newscientist and me is like a lost relationship with an old friend.  I am selfish to it.  Weeks will go by and I don’t even think of it.  When I remember, I look at it in the shop and see if any of it interests me.  Sometimes I buy it to read bits of it, but most of the time I leave it sitting lonely on the shelf.