Revelations – by Jerry Moffatt

I read a review of this book about a month ago and I thought it looked good.  Then when I went to actually buy it I could not find it.  It was listed as published and on sale in the author’s own climbing wall but I could not get it at the usual big online sources (I wanted free postage).  So I left it and nearly forgot it until I saw it on sale in Belfast.  This gave me a chance to randomly read a few paragraphs and get a flavour of it. I t put me off.   In my mind it formed into an ego trip for someone who believed they were a climbing god. I put away all thoughts of reading it.

After finding a few favourable reviews of it, thoughts of giving it a chance crept back.  It seems I was wrong to judge a book by a few random paragraphs.  It is a very good read.  Its not an ego trip, its an honest account of someone who is very driven, competitive and was one of the best.  A very interesting aspect of the book is that it gives glimpses of the history of modern climbing and the origins of some terminology, ethics and techniques.  This is not delivered in a historical style but is dropped in as part of Jerry’s own voyge of discovery.  And, as a few reviewers have pointed out, it is had to put down.