It feels strange to break the routine.  There is resistance at first but then it is refreshing.

So after school on Monday I found myself sitting in the sunshine outside the cinema in belfast waiting for the lovely sharon.  I had time to read a little about the summer and all the season brings before she arrived a little stressed and frustrated.  For her it was the day her coursework was sent off, marking the end of a massive mountain of work completed.  We grabbed a coffee each and headed in to detach our brains on some relaxing show to escape in; Star Trek.

It was a good show and we both liked it a lot (there is geekness in the lovely sharon*).  It was strange to then walk out into the summer night on an evening that usually marks the beginning of a week of busy work.

*the lovely sharon’s favourite sci fi is battlestar galactica.  Although, can she truly be a fan if she has never seen the original series?