It does not feel like a proper weekend as I was in school for open day.  The most strange aspect of it was that it still felt like a Saturday to some degree.  We still lounged about and read the papers in a cafe.  I even had time to wander about a bit and call into a book shop.  Queen’s University book shop.  It is always guaranteed to have a very large selection, truly something for everyone.  One book I picked up and have so far found very interesting is Five minutes to midnight  Hickey.


The book I was actually looking for is one called The Night of The Big Wind.  They did not have it and I may have to try the publishers themselves.


These sites make quite interesting reading about it:

here and here

These books on non-fiction I find easy to read.  They are like junk food, or sweets.  What I find hard is fiction, I need to be in the right frame of mind for it.  So tonight I felt I was ready to try a little fiction – The Big Snow by David Park.  It still has the book mark telling me how far I got the last time (not far).  From chapter 1 it is charged with moving emotions.


So far, so good.