Tidying, marking, tidying, marking, climbing.

The lovely Sharon is sick at the moment.  I make sure to give her little hugs and tell her she is a brave girl.  I think its called sympathy although I can’t  be certain*.

It feels like a busy time of year at the moment, internal exams are just over and open day is a stone throw away.   My classroom is a perpetual mess and the students tell me they remember seeing a teacher’s desk a few years ago, under the paper and books.  At the moment I keep thinking about the idea of drilling tiny little holes in my ceiling.  I could put little LEDs in the holes, so small that they cannot be seen.  Then when switched on they would form the constellations across the whole ceiling.  A little project to think about.

*What I really do is:  Ring or text  every hour  or so, to check progress.  I rush home from school and buy lucazade and grapes to cheer her up.  I keep the fire topped up to warm her shivering body. And most importantly of all, I microwave “hug me better” bear.


Hug me better bear has microwavable beans.  You need to add a little water to him before you put him in the microwave.  I recall one time when I was sick and the lovely sharon failed to dampen his beans.  I lay in bed feeling sorry for myself and wondering why the forgetful lovely sharon was making me popcorn.