Sunday, January 18th, 2009


I stumbled upon another rare gem on Friday; Between the Mountains and the Gantries by Will Morrison.  I had actually spied it some time ago and I am glad I caved in.  The language is light and refreshing and the subject is fascinating.  I have only begun to read it and so far it is a memoir of life in Northern Ireland, mainly Belfast, during and just after the 2nd world war.  It is a book that I imagine might be a rarity in a few years.

I read recently that Waterstones is laying off about 200 or so of its staff.  They are changing the way that they order and deliver books to their stores.  As I understood it, the current system relies on a person in the store ordering books directly from the publishers, the old fashioned way.  The new system does not require this person.  Instead the books are delivered to the store from a central waterstones distribution system.  I worry that this system might mean that less books like the one above get represented.  The book is a local book from a local publisher; Appletree Press.  I hope I am wrong and that the stores can still retain their individuality.

Another book I am leafing randomly through at the moment is:


Mushrooms by John Wright – VERY INTERESTING and amusingly written.  It makes me more confident about the fact that I REALLY DON’T want to pick my own mushrooms (when reading the non edible section).  One strange mushroom is both edible and poisonous! You can eat it safely as long as you not not consume even a small smidgen of alcohol for at least 72 hours.  Weird.

Marking papers and being distracted by the weather forecast.

Metcheck shows this progression for tonight and tomorrow: