Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Batton down the hatches, this is what the met office are telling us is Sunday night and Monday morning.  Those nights of clear and still air have left us for now.



The Book of the Bivvy by Ronald Turnbull

A very strange little gem that does not fit into any category.  It is short, instructional and witty.  The advise cannot be found in many hiking or mountaineering books I have ever come across.  the writer loves the bivvy experience but is quite level headed and sensible about it.  Inspirational.

I am trying something different; adding books I read into the main posts instead of three little thumbnails to the right.


The Stargazers Guide by  Emily Winterburn

I saw this one in the shops from the start of December and was nearly tempted a few times.  Then a fried of mine got it with the intention of expanding his mythology knowledge a little bit more.  Initially he was not impressed with the book.  This put me off.  However, I looked at a couple of more times in the bookshop and was happy with the style of the short bits I skim read.  I bought it and have not been disappointed.

It only took a short time before I got into the style of it.  It is similar to a lot of other popular science books;  instructional, historical, anecdotal and easy to read.  I find it nearly impossibly to remember most of the mythological stories but little bits are sinking in.  It is a must that it be read with regular pausing and drinking in the night sky.  Fortunately I have read most of the book during a period of high pressure weather, perfect clear night skies.  Unfortunately our regular and familiar system of low after low has taken back its place above our heads.