Lunch duty today in the bitter cold.  Puddles were still frozen and it felt like winter, a real winter.  The huddle instinct takes over and few people seemed to be playing football.  A huddle of pupils would arrive, chat for a bit then move on.  Another huddle would arrive later and stay, the teachers and teaching assistants.  We chatted about football (not my favourite subject) and about how we remembered winters in the past (much more civilised conversation).

While chatting the footballs would occasionally drift towards us and we would kick or throw them back towards the games, over the short hedge between “them” and “us”.  On one occasion I kicked the ball back, or attempted to kick, the ball back.  It did not have sufficient lift and got stuck in the hedge.  Instant laughter.  An uproar of ridicule.  But not from the pupils, it was the teachers and teaching assistants.  The pupils simply shouted thanks, picked the ball up and then played on giving a momentary puzzled glance to the teachers and teaching assistants who where doubled over.

I am bullied.