I am feeling idle.  I am feeling overdosed on the E numbers that keep appearing in our staff room.  Parents of pupils show their gratitude by sending in food.  It’s not their fault, it’s mine for being weak willed.

I was supposed to go climbing tonight but I need to be in.  There are christmassy things that need to be done.  Santa needs my help.

I could have been a good little elf and started as soon as i got home but instead I needed to run.  darkness is not an excuse.  I ran.  Trees and naked twigs cast strange winter shadows from my head torch.  I ran on roads that saw few cars and some that saw none.  It is amazing how much a run can clear the head and focus the mind.


I can hear an elfette working away downstairs.  It is the sound of cello tape.  Rip pause, rip pause, rip rip pause pause.  I need to go and help.  I need to be a good little elf.