Experimenting with food this weekend….. pheasant for dinner last night. Very nice, very posh, “what what”.

Sunday spent relaxing, dying the lovely Sharon’s hair and being re interested by The Wild Places. Sometimes poetic, sometimes enlightening, consistently captivating.


As I was kicking the cats out last night (not literally) the clouds were tearing across the moon at speed. This month’s moon has many names:


All Gathered Moon, Dark Moon, Falling Leaves Moon, Fire Friend Moon, Fog Moon, Freezing Moon, Frost Moon, Geese Going Moon, Holy Frost Moon, Large Trees Freeze Moon , Little Bear’s Moon, Long Moon, Moon Before Yule, Moon of Fledgling Hawk, Moon of Storms, Moon of Turkey and Feast, Moon of Falling Leaves, Moon of Shaking Leaves, Moon the Rivers Begin to Freeze, Moon When All Is Gathered in, Moon When Deer Shed Their Antlers, Moon When Horns Are Broken Off, Moon When the Cold Comes, Moon When the Water Is Black with Leaves, Moon When the River Freezes, Mourning Moon, Ring Finger Moon, Sacrifice Moon, Samoni Moon, Sassafras Moon, Snow Moon, Snowy Mountains in the Morning Moon, Trading Moon, Trail Moon, Tree Moon, White Moon, Whitefish Moon, Willow Moon, Winter Divided Moon, Yew Moon.

This morning, along with thousands of others, I kept telling my alarm clock, “5 more minutes”. The air around the bed was chilled by the wind which howled in through the window always open, by a small crack, in all weather.