At the time of writing this there are still a lot of people unaccounted for in the OMM.  Yesterday they faced conditions such as this:

The interesting thing is the media hype around it.  It seems that the media read 100’s of people unaccounted for = 100’s of people in trouble.  I also heard a news reporter asking a competitor if a lack of gps devices might have contributed to safety being compromised.  This is a question which highlights some people’s reliance in in-car sat navs.  As far as I know, gps systems are not allowed (it’s cheating) and if I was given a choice between a large plastic bivvy bag and a gps; I’d take the plastic bag, it’s far more useful.

A couple of our friends are out there and we were a bit worried for them.  But, then we thought about it and about how experienced they are in the mountains.  They have been through weather like this before.  They have their safety equipment and they also have a habit of bringing, and eating, a huge amount of food.

After saying all this I still realise the dangers.  I hope the competitors in hospital are ok and I hope the competitors who were out on the mountain last night did not get to cold.  Thinking about it, the main thing that would scare me are the rivers.  Frighteningly powerful and very dangerous rivers.

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