I had my first experience of tesco direct and am undecided about the service.  I was told that they had silva type 4 compasses for a bargain 20 pounds.  This is the type of compass needed for accurate navigation and the one I have at the moment needs to be sent back as the numbers are rubbing off!  So I visited the tesco site and ordered a new compass.  It turns out they add 5 pounds p & p onto the cost.  I tried to see if I could lose this by picking it up from a tesco store.  I could have picked it up but there was a pick up fee……. you guessed it, 5 pounds.  Sigh.

I ordered it anyway.  For my 5 pounds it is delivered first class.  I ordered it on Wednesday of last week and just got it today.  As soon as I looked at it I knew it had to go back, it had a bubble.  Bubbles are the nemesis of accurate navigation.  They destabilise magnetic needles the world over.  Another sigh.

I rang them straight away.  The nice person told me I would get a full refund and had to simply drop it into a store which can take tesco direct returns.  He asked his little computer and it told him the nearest one was about 15 miles away.  I was just about to say, “oh yes, that one. I drive past it sometimes on the way home from work”.  Then he interjected that it might be too far and he could get a courier to pick it up from me.  I instantly accepted and instantly felt guilty.  I could have went out of my way slightly to hand it in.  However, I thought of the queuing in the store and the fact that i paid 5 pounds for a very light package to take over a week to be delivered.

What shall I do for a compass now?  I rang up a nice small company and spoke directly to a nice man who was holding the compass as I spoke to him; “no bubbles and it will be in the post first thing tomorrow”.  Now that’s a first class service.