A long day Yesterday (Wednesday), with a parent’s evening for two year groups and a lecture to attend in the evening.

The lecture was on nutrition in sports, organised by the NIYCT and sponsored by the MCI.  Most of the time I craved a cup of coffee as I had very little time between the end of school and the parent’s evening and even less time after the parent’s evening.

It is interesting to see that students have the potential to get as obsessive about food as many adults do.  And it is scary to see how easy it is for them to get the wrong nutritional information.  Companies are out to make money.

The talk was fascinating, or as fascinating as it could be in my hazy tired state.  It even had pictures of molecules, and graphs! Brilliant.  My favorite bits ere:

– The explanation about why diets are bad.  In a nut shell they make your body super efficient at preparing for famine (i.e. makes you better at putting on weight).

– The fact that most athletes don’t need or benefit from protein supplements.  It mostly ends up in your pee anyway.  The Strange bit is that one group who do benefit from extra protein are endurance athletes.   This is not the group I would have thought of first.

– Your body can make fat from anything.  Excess fat.  Excess carbs.  Excess alcohol.  Even Excess protein.

– Fat is GOOD!  Apart from saturated fat and trans fat (very bad).

– Nutrition advice is very simple – Eat a varied diet.