Today my A level chemistry lesson was hijacked.  People whispered at the door, strangers appeared.  I knew something was up.  Then the cake arrived.  The monster cake.  It was a thank you cake from the sixth form.  A thank you for dragging them up mountains.  The really touching thing was that they had made it themselves.  This was not a bought tesco job, this had 6 hours of sweat and blood (hopefully not literally).  It also had 8 eggs, 500g of butter and nearly 3 bottles of food colouring.  It was also a cake of mystery, of changing colours, stuffed with marshmallows, cherries, smarties and chocolate “things”.

The population of the class tripled for this lesson including people I had never taught before.  There was plenty of cake to go round while still leaving us all very bloated.

I stayed on after school to get some work done, but on the way home I did something different.  I stopped off in Belfast to grab a relaxing cup of coffee and a little read.  I should do that more often.