A few years ago a friend of mine told me about a website called alpkit.  He told me it was a bunch of guys getting mountain gear made and selling it for what it cost.  They were fighting the big guys.  A few years later and I feel like a regular customer.  The lovely Sharon is also sold on the quality and functionality of their gear.  An alpkit down sleeping bag is the only ever example of her consenting to opening a Christmas present before Christmas day.  There was no question or debate or discussion, she simply accepted that it was a necessity to use her present a couple of months before it was supposed to be opened.  This is very much out of character for someone who completely forbids opening any sort of present before it is due.  It was a winter wild camp and the sleeping bag is lovely and warm.

Last weekend she brought her alpkit pipedream and I brought a cheap thin bag instead of my own pipedream.  Mistake.  At 4:30 I woke up very cold.  At one point one of my balloons popped and my side rested on the ground, manifesting the cold as pain deep in my hip.  Alpkit is good kit, but only if you can make good decisions about when to use it.