The bike was wheeled out this morning after a month of being hidden away.  The spider webs were left on as I knew the wind would brush them off.  It was worth the effort seeing the sun creep over the horizon as I cycled beside the sea.  This was followed by porridge and strong black coffee.  Not a bad start to the day.

Today I released the notices about a school climbing team.  The NI Youth Climbing Team contacted us about a program of training for 12 students over a few months.  The notices went out in the morning and out of curiosity I asked in my classes if people are interested.  It seems I might be overwhelmed with candidates.  How will I get it down to 12?

I just learnt something I could have survived without.  The fact that when you burst a really large abscess on a cat it smells really very bad.  The cat didn’t like the experience either.  Poor thing.  She is now on a course of antibiotics for a week and has to suffer the indignity of walking around with a partially shaved bum (where the abscess was).